The main material used on paintings is made with recycled paper and varnish, which offers lot of possibility to shape interesting volumes. Andre Carpin plays with technic generously !
All plastic materials are mixed to manage the entire subject: adding usual staffs, anamorphosis, perspectives, subdued or violent atmospheres.
Creation of the shape somtimes agressive, sometimes sensual, wild or brutal is indissoluble from the material - this seems to generate its own color, likde nature.
A first serie is started from 1998 : "Intense Communication". Indeed, each painting represents, stages or means a correspondance between the subject and the spectator.
This dynamic keeps up two decades with appearance of a second serie: "Speech and Silence".

Intense communication


An interpretation of Icarius greek myth from which a plenty of artists has already found inspiration.
Shimmering tones are fading with colder shade to put the stress on the opposition between strong earth and the burning star.
The contrast is strenghten by the dual position of the subject facing his destiny: the whole standing front of a far and nebulous backgroung.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 160 x 024
  • Year of creation : 1998


Meeting with a portrait splitted in two faces that we could connect to a mask wrapped by a dark veil frozen, almost severe.
It's hard to define if this face bears the marks of old age, solitude, or both.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 131 x 80 x 14
  • Year of creation : 2000


Few characters are reflecting on cave's face and holding fired torchs out of the canevas.
An atmosphere full of inquisitive and solemn energy.
This piece invits us to join an underground secret rite.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 27
  • Year of creation : 2000

Black Oak

Here, we can guess a friendly and welcoming face. The generosity of his hair and his look gives his a mischievous air.
In the same time, his frozen stature and his asperities remind us the bark from a dark wood.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 79 x 14
  • Year of creation : 2001


This piece paints the profile of a women fixed inside some kind of frozen material.
She is folded on herslef - this posture invits us to calm and meditation.
The cold luminosity shining from the painting invokes kindliness and protection.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 180 x 0,1
  • Year of creation : 2001


This painting is an opened window over an abyssal jury and from which spectator his taken apart.
Four creatures burst out an opaque and warm background to masterfully line up in front of us.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x38
  • Year of creation : 2000

Sea Square

Let's sink once more into deep waters to discover a character almost as surprised as we are.
The astounded air on this face - that seems to be sculpted in an alliance of foam and seaweeds is greatly intensified by the dimensions of canevas.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 19
  • Year of creation : 2000


The majestuous winspan of a rapace sems to have been trapped in an alliance of leafs looking like water lilies.
The central position of this bird surrounded by serrated vegetation exposes it to our sensibility as a strong and nobleman emblem.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 160 x 0,1
  • Year of creation : 2001

The Perfume

The eponymous novel of P. Süskind tells us the story of an anti-hero aiming for the most subtle smells which he robs his victims of.
Are we the next?
This painting is full filled with vivid colours and it's, by the way, the second elder production of this serie.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 73 x 60 x 0.1
  • Year of creation : 1998


If gargoyles fix traditionnaly the walls of religious places, this rocky face is here naturally drawn in a smocky backgroung.
This latter is especially impressive thanks to the size of his nose ...

  • Dimensions (cm) : 60 x 73 x 32
  • Year of creation : 1999


This painting, subtly composed with royal blue and gold reminds us the holly and sovereign feature of a Shpinx, egyptian chimera with a lion's body and human's head.
This version of reading means that there is an aureole or a diadem surrounding the character.
On the other side, the representation of Sphinx in greek mythology means that this is rather hair of a "malfaisante" creature.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 106 x 14
  • Year of creation : 2000


The face painted here seems to attract us besides roots of an old tree.
Earth colors are animating a joyful one-to-one discussion with the origin of life...

  • Dimensions (cm) : 60 x 73 x 16
  • Year of creation : 1999


This piece is definately the most contrasted of the serie proposed by the artist. Vivid red associated to deep black, both combinated to a half-spherical relief receive in their center a pale pink tripodal form which peacefully sleeps.
A kind of sanctuary furious and calm at the same time. The perfect alchemy.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 22
  • Year of creation : 2001


Two colored draperies border the expression of a theatral mask which reminds us the famous Comedia Del Arte.
The alternation of textures and reliefs escort us alternatively on backstage or on a lyrical animated scene.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 130 x 81 x 12
  • Year of creation : 2002


The octagonal canevas of this piece is not the only criter to find the title out.
Green, brown, ochre and yellow tones remind us autumn's colors.
Layered forms associated together with detail make a kind of opening like a keyhole. What is the key?

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 12
  • Year of creation : 2002


Let's fly with a human-looking kite above a luminous city surrounded by an imposing mountain range with snow-capped summits.
The height of this scene is important enough to suggest us that links handled by the two colour-hatted mates have been cut.
This peaceful landscape of a falling night invits us to escape, to launch ourselves into gliding for unknown...

  • Dimensions (cm) : 160 x 120 x 15
  • Year of creation : 2002

Speach and Silence

Speak around the Mouth

This couple (we ahve already met one couple of aviators in previous serie) shares an interesting position.
The two characters are face to face but seem not to look at each other. They have both mouth opened but seem to be quiet.
Besides, they are linked by a pointed rounded form that can be assimilated to a manhole...
Thus, are they speaking around "the mouth"? (it's important to put the stress here on the homonym "bouche" in French that refers to "mouth" and "manhole" as well).

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 15
  • Year of creation : 2017


The artist uses once more the original octagonal canevas to start this new serie.
A very subjective vision of himself is represented by an assymetrical face with pale coulours, intensified strokes and a puzzle of forms blurring its right side.
This latter seems to be hanging ahead of a thunderstorm background.
If this face to face bewilders us, we can't prevent ourselves from thinking about what the artist can share with his own "Octaportrait"...

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 15
  • Year of creation : 2017

Questions of Clouds

Here we are facing the first circle canevas used by the artist.
Associated with a shining yellow, this piece symbolizes a solar star, very energizing.
At the forefront, there is a rank of lying forms painted with blue shades which hardly contrasts with their background.
An electrical combination.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 15
  • Year of creation : 2017


There is an uneven shaped face with tormented appearance. This feeling is intensified by vertical ridges with stone colors and bloody strong red.
The subject spreads his terror through two masterful columns that delimits inside the painting a narrow pass... An "Exit", but whose for?

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 15
  • Year of creation : 2017

Water Cat/ "Chat d'Eau/"

"Chat d'Eau" is pronounced like "Shadow" in French.
Do you know that the "Water Cat" is true, he really exists!
Here the artist plays on words (he inspired himself from): "raise your back" to transport us elsewhere...

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 80 x 5
  • Year of creation : 2017


Here, sphere has the place of honour.
It's the second time that a round canevas is used by the artist and it seems to inspire him a lot as he choses to experience an introspection.
Indeed, in a same space many systems are coexisting.
Also, the concept of space-time is largely blurred and the spectator is hung upon an indefinable altitude.
Manichaean universes meeting is balanced by a sort of multi-faced totem launched from earth surface.
A nebulous representation, surprising and kind.
The artist considers his "existence towards other(s) world(s)" and the invitation he suggests to explore it is very tempting !

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120 x 15
  • Year of creation : 2017


The nude body of a woman is laying on a stairslope.
Arms refold on herself show a modest embarrassment while her face turned up to the sky appears weary and sad at the same time.
The subject of this painting is shiny and contrasts with greyness backward.
Immense gloomy buildings seem to be deserted and the commercial logo of a hotel away is time-frozen.
This kind of sanctuary scene invits us to get back (or forward future...)
Time has just fixed in this moment.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 80 x 12
  • Year of creation : 2017


The middle of the painting attracts us to a meeting of faces blazing from a kind of holy fire.
The onomatopoeia "Scratch" reminds us the sound of a spark spreading out from a matchsticks rank. The heat coming from the canevas fades towards an ashed and extinguished edge.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 120
  • Year of creation : 2018


Let's meet the focused and transparent eyes of a character which offers a dynamic and much colored reading of his brain...
The honeycomb structure of his head decomposes scenes and movements intertwining each other.
Colors and forms are fading and splitting in a kind of whirlwind.
A reference to the intellectual "brainstorming" which consists in gathering all the representations of one subject.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 160 x 0,2
  • Year of creation : 2018

Brainstorming II

Within the prolongation of a previous "Brainstorming", the artist suggests here a second illustration of cerebral activity in motion.
Although the compartmentalization of mental structure and the associated different themes change from the first painting, we can notice a similar point of view and a hypnotical look, accentuated by an imposing pair of glasses.
As the same, certain patterns and humanoid forms call the first painting to our minds.
Here, a colored and segmented thick substance is rolling on itself, escaping our gaze into another space. Over it, we can run with human shapes towards a city scape. This skylight opens in just as much as it opens out... It's up to our free appreciation.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 160 x 0,2
  • Year of creation : 2018

Brainstorming III

Third part of the serie : it comes adding to the two previous eponymous ones.
Here we find back few elements as the alveolar structure of a giant brain cortex and eyes, this time these are multiplied and wise opened, they are electrical and follow a horizontal line, as if they were voltaged.
We find also human shapes and geometrical forms, fading with the relief of the canevas.
The blue colored dominance of living scenes from the left cerebral area and the incandescent upper right edge counterbalance each other.
Just like the reading of different atmospheres from the left to the right of the painting, different elements of architecture progress chronologically to the same direction.
This chronological recall drives us questionning about the nature of this fixed look at the bottom of the canevas : a sort of hybrid and futurist species whose retrospective vision would get ahead of us.

  • Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 160 x 0,2
  • Year of creation : 2019